Dirt Bike Rider Inches Away From Getting Hit By Speeding Train

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Remember that scene from Back to the Future where Marty barely managed to jump out of the way of a train at the end of the third movie? Yeah.

This incident happened in Australia near Melbourne where a so-called "rail trespasser" was apparently trying to move his bike from the tracks, yet once he realized he didn't have time, he jumped out of the way.

While the camera angle might be a tiny bit misleading, you can still tell it was a close call, especially since the rider kind of stumbled out of the way instead of jumping properly.

We can only imagine what his friends must have thought when they saw the rapidly-approaching train. Still, we're glad he managed to get out of the way in time because that train plowed right into the dirt bike - so stopping wasn't an option, not at that speed.

Hopefully next time these guys will choose their offroading location more wisely, while also paying better attention to their surroundings.