Meet Venzayga: The Toyota That Thinks It's A Bentley

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The Bentayga is Bentley's first crossover, right? It's first production wagon of any kind, really. But nobody appears to have told that to this Toyota.

What you're looking at is a Venza that's undergone a bit of a facelift – far away from the factory – to make it look like a Bentley.

The Toyota Venza, to refresh your memory, was a sort of crossover wagon based on a Camry chassis. Toyota started producing them in Kentucky back in 2008, and though withdrawn from the US market in 2015, the Venza remains in production for overseas markets – though that's slated to end this year as well.

This particular is wearing a new nose, taillights, wheels, and badges – all borrowed (at least stylistically) from the Bentley Continental. Hopefully it has some upgrades inside as well, though even a standard Venza might seem more comfy and luxurious inside than some older Bentleys.

It's also wearing Iowa plates, but the pictures (which come to us courtesy of Asphalt Valhalla) appear to have been snapped in Arizona.

Of course this isn't the first “ordinary” automobile that's tried to pass itself off as something higher-end. Judging from the VW Phaetons and Chrysler 300s and Sebrings we've seen to date, it seems that Bentleys are popular targets for this particular brand of poseur posturing.

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