Woman Goes Off On Laughing Bystanders After Minivan Crashes Into NYC Gas Station

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What some people fail to do most of the time is to make sure not to turn a bad situation into something worse.

Then again, anger can get the better of just about anybody, and this woman failed to control hers after a minivan crashed into a NYC gas station convenience store - for reasons unknown.

It's unclear whether she was the person behind the wheel, or if she was simply a passenger in the car. What we do know however is that she eventually started cursing and chasing after the two bystanders who started recording her.

The men kept their distance and ran when she went off, which is pretty much the only thing you can do in that type of situation, unless you're looking to escalate the situation even further. The guy filming on his smartphone, however, can't control his laughter, and cracks up even as the woman turns her attentions on him.

The one positive we can take away from this incident is that it appears nobody was hurt.