Wrecked Ford Focus RS With A Salvage Title Is Surprisingly Costly

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Just like the Ford Mustang, a number of Ford Focus RS' have had their lives cut tragically short.

Remember in September of last year when an overconfident Ford Focus RS driver drifted his hot hatch into a cliff face? Well, it appears it was just one of many to be damaged and now one is for sale with a surprising price tag.

Bidding for the car is currently at a surprisingly high $23,700 despite all the damage it has and the fact that it has missing headlights, a front bumper that has disappeared and no passenger side front quarter panel.

Perhaps the biggest single area of damage from the incident it was involved in is the severely dented passenger door and, weirdly, a huge hole cut out of the hood.

In the eBay listing, there is no mention of the vehicle suffering any mechanical damage and the car has just 2,000 miles on the clock. Admittedly, it does have a salvage title but it could the perfect base for an imposing track car or weekend canyon carver.