Top Gear’s ‘Reasonably Fast Car’ Is A Toyota GT86

When U.S. readers watch the first episode of Top Gear’s 24th season on March 12, we can confidently say you’ll think the show will be back on form with Matt LeBlanc, Chris Harris and Rory Reid as hosts.

Unlike the Chris Evans era, these three have obvious chemistry, all know their cars very well and are enthusiasts through and through. As anyone who has watched episode 1 will now know, the show has also been changed in other ways.

Gone is the rally cross track used in the last season and instead, the original track is being used once again. Additionally, there’s a new reasonably priced car although it is now dubbed the ‘reasonably fast’ car.

Set to be used by celebrities throughout this season, it is a bright red Toyota GT86 that promises to be much more fun that the Suzuki Liana, Chevrolet Lacetti, Kia Cee’d and Vauxhall Astra used in previous seasons.


  • That’s might be the only thing I miss from last year. Rally cross was fun to watch. It wasn’t a bad change. And from the first épisode we can already confirm that this is not a fun car to watch go around the track. If they really wanted to go back to the regular track for guest, they should have keep the Astra.

  • smartacus

    Mustang Ecoboost is even more reasonably priced
    and gets better gas mileage
    and more powerful
    and faster…

    • Benjamin B.

      That would be interesting

    • getoffme

      They need a car that is not going to break. I do not think the Ford could handle it.

      • smartacus

        But all the reasonably priced cars break down constantly.

        They are continuously repairing them over and over.

        Toyota will not be any different.

  • Harry_Wild

    Still no turbocharged engine! It been over 4 years and is number one request by owners! LOL!

    • Benjamin B.

      86 isn’t a fast car… But it has its positives.