Chinese Driver Brings A Whole New Meaning to Drive-Thru

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Drive-thru locations are one of life's little conveniences but one driver in China apparently doesn't understand the concept isn't meant for traditional stores.

According to People's Daily China, a Smart ForTwo driver didn't want to waste time looking for a parking spot. so he simply drove the car into the open doors of a convenience store in Zhenjiang.

Upon entering the store, he honks the horn to get the attention of a surprised worker, who walks up to the car and has a quick talk with the driver who apparently asks him to grab a couple of items.

After getting them, the worker hurries back to the register and rings the customer up. He then delivers the products to the driver - who hopefully tipped - and then helps him reverse out of the store.

While the video could have been easily staged, local media reportedly spoke with the clerk who confirmed the incident did indeed happen. However, he apparently believes the driver drove into the store to avoid getting out in the rain.

Regardless, we've seen plenty of bizarre cases of laziness including a drive-thru fight and a limo getting stuck in a McDonald's drive-thru because someone couldn't be bothered to walk inside.