Ferrari F430 Gets New Wheels From Strasse

Ferrari may have dropped the F430 from their lineup some 8 years ago, when it was replaced with the 458, but it still does the job for enthusiasts and tuners alike.

It’s not hard to see why, either, as its sexy lines that were penned by Pininfarina and its 4.3-liter mid-mounted V8 engine that pushes 490PS (483hp) and 465Nm (343lb-ft) of torque to the rear wheels, which offers exhilarating performance.

This being said, there isn’t much really one could do to their F430 to make it look hotter than when it left the factory, aside from fitting it with a new set of wheels, and Strasse’s latest creation does make for an interesting candidate.

Measuring 20x-inch front and 20x-13-inch rear, the company’s SV1 Deep Concave FS rims provide a contrasting look to the Rosso Corsa-finished Italian supercar, with their Matte Metallic Gold look and are a dramatic departure from the standard items.

Now, we cannot tell you how much this wheel set costs, as Strasse hasn’t released any pricing details, so if you’re a Ferrari F430 owner that would be interested in it, contacting the company should be your next move.


  • Bash

    Beautiful, I like it a lot

  • fabri99

    The F430 still looks great today. The new wheels are very nice too, a good job.

  • Michelin

    I’miei not a 430 owner but i’m still impressed about beauty and elegance of its style. This car was designed twenty years ago (as 360 Modena model) and still is modern and stunning.