Is The New Stratos A Ferrari In Drag, A Recreation Of The Original, Or Something Else Entirely?

The MAT New Stratos is based on a 430 Scuderia, but its shorter wheelbase makes it a different beast.

1965 Lotus Cortina Sells For Three Times More Than A Ferrari F430!

This Ford Lotus Cortina sold for a whopping $270k at auction last weekend.

In Love With Sonorous Italian V8s? Why, Here’s A Ferrari F430 For Sale…

This black 2006 F430 was optioned with Scuderia bits, red calipers, carbon fiber trim and more.

Manual Gearbox F430 Is What Ferrari Dreams Are Made Of

Gordon Ramsay used to own this F430, and now it can be yours as it’s coming up for auction.

Ferrari’s New Premium Program Takes Care Of And Certifies Maintenance In Older Models

Ferrari’s new program is aimed at the 360, 612, F430, 456, 550, 575, 599 and Enzo.

MAT’s New Stratos Is Everything You Could Want From A Reborn Icon

The New Stratos has a Ferrari 430 Scuderia V8 engine and a six-speed manual.

Ferrari F430 Spider In Classic Marrone 1971 Paint Job Is Just Gorgeous

This brown F430 Spider will hit the auction block at RMSothebys on March 8-9.

Geneva-Bound New Stratos Pairs 430 Scuderia V8 With Manual Gearbox

The modern-day Stratos is going to be produced in just 25 examples, two of which will be on display at the show.

Lemon Ferrari Buyer Sees Punitive Damages Cut From $5.8 Million To $500,000

Still, that’s about four times more than a 2007 Ferrari F430 is worth these days.

Tuned Ferrari F430 Spider Wants To Be An FXX-K When It Grows Up

Come in and take a look at what could very well be the ugliest Ferrari F430 Spider in existence.

Ferrari’s Maranello Museum Opens Michael Schumacher Exhibition

The ‘Michael 50’ exhibition includes some of Schumacher’s ex-F1 cars as well as two he helped develop.

When Life Gives You A Ferrari Lemon, Sue And Win $5.8 Million

A jury awarded a man over $5.8 million dollars for an F430 he bought for $90,000 .