Brabus’ Newest Mercedes Stars Descend Upon The Swiss Alps

Brabus’ Geneva lineup includes a tuned A 250, two G-Class’ and an expensive Smart ForTwo.

Brabus Ultimate E Shadow Edition Is One Expensive Smart Car

The Brabus Ultimate E Shadow Edition will set you back almost $75,000.

Brabus Ultimate E Shadow Edition Is A €64,900 Smart ForTwo EQ!

Brabus’ tuned ForTwo EQ Cabrio is limited to 28 units and will premiere at the Geneva Motor Show.

World’s Fastest Smart ForTwo Has Jet Power, 2,000 HP And Is Street Legal

This ForTwo uses the engine of a Huey helicopter and has a top speed estimated at 220 mph.

Smart ForTwo Heads To The Dark Side With PureBlack Edition

Smart’s murdered out ForTwo PureBlack will go on sale in the coming months.

Smart ForTwo Electric Drive Is Not The Ideal City EV You’d Expect

The electric ForTwo lacks instant torque and its short wheelbase makes for a very shaky ride.

Brabus 125R Is The Mighty Mouse Of Smart Fortwo Cabrios With Almost Double The Power

Brabus has almost doubled the output from the Smart Fortwo Cabrio to make the new limited-edition 125R.

Smart ForTwo With AMG GT R Genes Is The Preposterous Mashup Of The Day

It’s just a styling exercise by a rendering artist, but we have to admit it doesn’t look half bad.

Smart Celebrates 20 Years Of Production As EV Switch Causes Sales To Tumble

Smart has only sold 524 vehicles in the United States this year.

Smart Scheduled To Have An All-Electric Range In Europe By 2020

The announcement was made by Daimler boss Dieter Zetsche, at the annual shareholders’ meeting

6×6 Mania Engulfs Smart ForTwo Owner, Try Not To Laugh

Goodbye maneuverability, hello people pointing at your Smart car with their mouths open.

Who Knew That An Electric Smart Could Be So Much Fun

Guilt-free hooning in an electric Smart? We’re in!.