Brabus Ultimate E Is A Purple “Pocket Rocket” For Deep Pockets With A Staggering $65,000 / €59,000 Price Tag

Based on the pre-facelift Smart EQ ForTwo Cabrio, the Ultimate E adds performance and style.

2020 Smart EQ Fortwo And Forfour Introduce Subtle Styling And Connectivity Updates

The revisions should keep the Smart EQ Fortwo and Forfour relevant until new-gen models co-developed with Geely arrive in 2022.

2020 Smart EQ ForTwo And ForFour Revealed With New Looks, Same Dismal Powertrain

New styling can’t make up for the disappointing range of less than 100 miles.

2020 Smart EQ ForTwo And EQ ForFour Teased, Debut September 10th

These will be the last fully fledged Smarts made by Daimler.

Smart ForTwo Wanted To Be Just A City Car; Mansory Had Other Plans

The wide body kit and mustard (!) interior probably won’t be to everyone’s liking, but we guess that’s OK with Mansory.

Doing A J-Turn In A Smart Car Is Not So Smart

The Smart ForTwo’s center of gravity makes J-turns virtually impossible.

Smart ForTwo ‘21’ Final Collector’s Edition Is A Last Hurrah To The ICE-Powered City Car

Developed by Brabus and designed by Konstantin Grcic, it’s limited to 21 cars.

Smart To Withdraw From US And Canada Following Massive Sales Decline

Daimler finally figured out the Smart ForTwo was ForNoOne.

2020 Smart EQ Fortwo Getting A Facelift Before Geely-Engineered Models Arrive

The Smart EQ Fortwo appears to get a minor makeover featuring new lights and front bumper.

Brabus’ Newest Mercedes Stars Descend Upon The Swiss Alps

Brabus’ Geneva lineup includes a tuned A 250, two G-Class’ and an expensive Smart ForTwo.

Brabus Ultimate E Shadow Edition Is One Expensive Smart Car

The Brabus Ultimate E Shadow Edition will set you back almost $75,000.

Brabus Ultimate E Shadow Edition Is A €64,900 Smart ForTwo EQ!

Brabus’ tuned ForTwo EQ Cabrio is limited to 28 units and will premiere at the Geneva Motor Show.