Beatiful And Rare 1998 Alpina B12 5.7 Selling For €35,000 In Sweden

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If you've always loved the third-generation E38 BMW 7-Series, purchasing something like this Midnight Blue Alpina B12 should feel like a dream come true.

The car is currently for sale at ModernClassics in Sweden, with a price tag of €35,000, which is roughly $41,000. It's said to be in great condition, fully loaded, and with just 112,000 km (69,593 miles) on the clock.

Powering it is a 5.7-liter V12, sending 387 horses to the wheels with the help of Alpina's switch-tronic gearbox, which also has gear selectors on the steering wheel.

Among the car's most impressive on-board features, we count the automatic trunk lid mechanism (impressive for 1998), heated rear seats, xenon headlights, Professional sat-nav system, CD changer with 6 CDs and the self-leveling suspension.

It's also packing plenty of fancy individual options courtesy of Alpina - the rear TV and VHS, Switch-Tronic buttons on steering wheel, extended leather throughout the cabin, radio and trip computer control/right front seat controls and telephone inside rear armrest, rear folding wood trays and a notepad holder in the rear right seat.

Speaking of the interior, we can't help but notice the Alpina Ruster Maser wood trim, the Lavalina Graublau extended leather with blue piping, plus the classic Alpina stitching in the seats and floor mats.