Finnish Tesla Taxi Driver Has Covered Over 250,000 Miles / 400,000 Km In Model S

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In the scheme of things, the Tesla Model S is still a new vehicle and hasn’t been on the market long enough to determine its long-term reliability. However, one Model S owner from Finland has discovered that his Model S is exceptionally reliable.

Taxi driver Ari Nyyssösestä has driven his Model S more than 250,000 miles (400,000 km) in the past three years and hasn’t had any major issues with the car.

Talking to local publication Helsingin Sanomat, Nyyssösestä said the only piece expensive work done to the car was to repair to the battery but apart from that, he says it hasn’t missed a beat.

According to Professor Juha Pyrhönen, the reliability experienced by Nyyssösestä isn’t surprising considering how durable high-quality electric motors can be.

“As a matter of fact, the durability of electric motors is quite different from internal combustion engines in known cases. In [the EV] industry, electric motors typically rotate at least 100,000 hours. In that time, the car should reach up to 10 million kilometres,” Pyrhönen said in an email.

At the launch of the Model 3 last month, Elon Musk shocked many by saying the powertrain of the entry-level Tesla only needs to be serviced every million miles. Perhaps he was right.

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