Single-Axle Creations Show Good And Bad Overhangs

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Designing a vehicle with an attractive front and a good-looking rear is something automakers have grappled with since the invention of the automobile and to this day, it is still something difficult to deliver.

Now, a French designer has set out to showcase some of the best and worst-looking front and rear overhangs in a creative and ingenious way; by chopping off the overhangs of a vehicle and joining them together over a single axle.

The artist behind the project, Soufyane Benhammouda, reached out to us on Facebook about the project and we must say, it’s one of the most intriguing ways to play around with the design of a car and yields some pretty fascinating results.

The series, dubbed La tête dans le cul, includes vehicles of all sorts and from many different eras. Among our favorites are the angular shape of the Lamborghini Aventador SV, the aggressive Dodge Viper ACR and the almost perfectly symmetrical shape of the Jaguar D-Type.

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