Is The 2018 Chevy Traverse An Improvement Over Its Predecessor?

Well, according to ConsumerReports, which bought their very own example, the answer is ‘yes’.

It looks good, after receiving a redesigned bodywork, and it sports a spacious cabin, with wide and accommodating front seats, and plenty of room for the passengers on the second row. Getting in an out of the third row is not that easy, but at least it can be used by adults.

Passengers will also get to enjoy USB ports in every row and a built-in Wi-Fi hotspot, but taking center stage inside is the familiar infotainment system, with its colorful and intuitive screen. This is retractable, providing additional storage, and comes with smartphone integration that includes Android Auto and Apple CarPlay.

Taking the 2018 Chevrolet Traverse onto the road reveals a quiet cabin, and a mannered and civilized ride. It corners quite well, for a vehicle this size, and it’s comfortable too, as its suspension absorbs most bumps in the road.

Moreover, the new 9-speed automatic transmission shifts smoothly, so there’s nothing much to complain about here, but we should let CR point us through some of its strong and weak points in the review that follows.


  • Puddingpopper

    Napped through the video, what is this thing again?

    • SamBamm

      It’s the uglier fraternal twin of the 2018 Buick Enclave. Go back to sleep

      • Benjamin B.

        It’s a little bit larger than the Buick and GMC Arcadia. There’s going to be a new Chevrolet Blazer, which will suck.

      • Puddingpopper

        Oh yea, that thing that somehow managed to recapture the essence of the 200c in rear view. YAY

  • Kash

    TBH I’m starting to find it annoying that people are complaining about things like the Forward Collision Warning (FCW) and Automatic Braking like features aren’t standard on new cars. I’m one for autonomous tech and safety features like these but it makes me wonder, if you’re paying attention to the road while you’re driving why should you need them? Especially in a high sitting crossover where you have a better view from.

    I’ve had a few cars with those features and I’ve found that the FCW is kinda slow to alert, at least it’s never alerted me before I already noticed that traffic up ahead was slowing down enough to trigger it so I end up turning it off anyway.

    I like the features and I’m sure they’ve prevented tons of accidents, but people complaining about them not being standard need to stop and ask “why should they be? Are driver’s not paying enough attention that they need to be?”

    • eb110americana

      I have driven a number of cars with the lane keep assist warnings, forward collision warning, and parking sensors. In every single one, the number of false alarms was so totally obnoxious that I was quickly searching for a way to disable the annoying chimes. I hate the Mercedes parking chimes going off every time I’m stopped at a red light because the car behind or in front is “too close.” Or the Kia lane warnings that go off for no reason, or because I signaled to change lanes, but not when *it* thought I should signal so…”BEEP!”

      I really think these systems are important for other drivers on the road who cannot be bothered with the chore of driving as they are playing with their cell phones–at least until fully autonomous cars become mainstream. However, the systems are so terrible today, that I would honestly pay over $1000 just to remove them from a new car purchase.

      • Kash

        I feel ya on the Merc one. Didn’t want it on my new car but it’s standard, not even an option.

      • Steve McQueen

        Yeah, I’m glad a lot of these systems are still bundled into some sort of “safety tech package”. Makes it easy to skip over that option and save a bit of coin when car shopping. If auto manufacturers wanted to include a standard safety feature, they should throw in auto dimming mirrors all around so people aren’t constantly being blinded by all the misaligned, high beam using, crummy HID fitted bro-trucks.

    • ediotsavant

      It’s there for the cellphone crowd.

    • john1168

      I never had a car with all these warning systems but I can tell when I get a new car they’re gonna piss me off! All I really want is adaptive cruise control but unfortunately that means you get all the other crap standard….UGH! I’m not perfect but I’m one of the ones who likes to drive and actually at least tries to pay attention to what’s going on around me. If I have some stupid computer constantly second guessing me and giving me a warning each time or giving me false warnings, I’m gonna be pulling the fuse on that system pretty quick…

      • Kash

        Most of the time you can turn the stuff off but it usually turns back on the minute you turn the car off and back on again.

        Blind spot monitoring is actually nice because usually it’s just a light on the side mirror. I’ve only had a few false alarms with that and most recently it was because I went through a construction zone and had to drive in a concrete barrier lined lane that felt just wide enough for me to get through.

        The parking sensors though, Merc’s are only active at low speeds but like its been said, if a car comes up behind you while you’re stopped at a light they go off even though you’re in drive which is stupidly annoying.

        Edit: starting to wonder if maybe the parking sensor thing isn’t a programming error. Gonna have to ask the dealer about that the next time i take my car in.

        • john1168

          There might be a software update on that.

          Is there one selection that turns it all off in the infotainment menu or do you have to dig through the menu to turn all off individually??? Hopefully the former but I have a feeling the manufacturers lawyers made it the latter:)

          • Kash

            I hope there is because absolutely no sense at all.

            Some stuff has a dedicated physical button that’s a simple push or press and hold or press and confirm on the dash screen, some stuff does have to be turned off by digging through several menus. Just depends, if it’s optional it tends to have a dedicated switch/button, if it’s standard it tends to be buried in a menu.

          • john1168

            Thanks! Things I have to look forward to when I get a new car hopefully early next year.

          • Kash

            no problem!


    • Kash

      they probably do, the chairs slide forward and that’s probably easier but if it’s raining sometimes it’s just easier to jump over the chair and slide through the middle.


        • Kash

          I know it wasn’t raining, i was saying in the event it is sometimes it’s easier to climb through rather than trying to slide and fold a seat so its nice to know that is an option.

          It could also be a feature but CR either didn’t know about it or chose to omit it from the video.

    • Nick

      Checked out the premier , hard plastic dash top, door panel tops, no 8 way passenger seat anymore, no adjustable seat belt height, lost power fold mirrors, 2nd row seats flat as can be, no comfort, harder to see over front hood in driver position, ya have to have stretch arms to close or open sun roofs, the new transmission and extra hp is nice, better infotainment, seems like a few steps back and a few foward, but not worth 51 grand with white pearl paint, looks like I’ll keep the 17 premier for a while longer and look at the future competition, really hoped to like it ,but hard platic to rest your arms on,really!

  • Mitsubishi Xpander

    Sure, I guess.. it’s an attractive evolution from it’s predecessor in it’s class.

  • Benjamin B.

    I mean, the predecessor was terrible. I hope GM improved it.

  • no25

    I paused the video at 2:43, and it almost looked like a minivan…I think the Acadia, although smaller, is way better looking. I dont mind the look – its better than before – but compared to its reskinned family (Acadia and Enclave), it’s the ugliest, and I cannot stand the look of the Enclave’s too wavy lines.

  • Astonman

    Put a Cadillac front end on this and you’ll have a baby Escalade

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