Small Child Uninjured After Opening Door And Falling Out Of Car

Even though watching a kid fall out of a car and almost getting run over by that same vehicle is a very disturbing sight, rest assured that the little one is OK.

This incident took places this week in Bangkok, Thailand, where a small child suddenly opened the front passenger side door to that white sedan and fell out.

Apparently the little girl was pulling on the door handle and probably pushing against the door at the same time. She fell basically in one rapid motion.

What’s even scarier was the mother not realizing or perhaps not reacting in time to stop the car. After the child falls, the vehicle rolls forward almost running over her legs – thankfully she managed to move just in time.

This just goes to show that you can never be to careful when taking your kid with you in the car. A child seat is a must, since it can prevent them from moving around too much and reaching the door handle, which is probably every parent-driver’s nightmare on the road.


  • Erzhik

    So many things wrong with this parent. I mean, wtf lady. Child seating in the front? Child without a child seat? Not realizing your door was open?

  • no25

    what i dont understand, though, is that how do you keep driving after your child has fallen from the car and THEN realize it? did this mother not here the door open? not see her child disappear? hear the horns from people behind?

  • SteersUright

    Wow, how close she came to actually running over the kid was scary! Cant judge so harshly, mistake happen to all parents. Just wondering how this happens??

  • Blade t

    That’s why you use a damn child seat….

    • Jay

      If this whild was smart enough to open the door they were smart probably l enough to unbuckle the child seat too. In this case though I doubt the child was in one and any parent should have been able to notice the door open directly across from them she must’ve been distracted by something.

  • john1168

    Lucky kid! Glad she’s ok. I guess big brother in the back gave the driver a heads up that little sis fell out.

  • Joew

    Living in Thailand, child seats are not mandatory, seat belts are never worn and rules are not enforced whatsoever. That Nissan Almera doesn’t even come with ISOFIX and big surprise, no door ajar warning for rear doors.

    • Astonman

      Are the cars over there right hand drive?

      • PlonPlon

        Yes, they are.

        • Astonman

          that explains why the mom looked like she climbed over to the other side. Still not sure how she missed that, even if she was looking to her right. The door chime would have come on.

  • KidRed

    That’s why they make infant car seats, you know, they have a 5 point harness in them to keep children safe and secure?