2019 Mitsubishi D:5 Delica Is A Boldly Styled, Japan-Only Minivan

The new people carrier is believed to be underpinned by the same platform as the Outlander.

Asian Markets-Only Nissan Terra SUV Gains 190 PS Diesel Engine

The new body-on-frame SUV starts from the equivalent of almost $40k in Thailand.

South Korea Plans To Ban 20,000 BMWs Due To Engine Fire Risk

There have been 27 reported cases of engine fires involving BMW vehicles in South Korea.

Philippines’ Duterte Crushes Another 68 Luxury Cars Including Lambos, Porsches, BMWs And A Skyline

You may want to cover your eyes for this one as Philippines destroyed nearly $6 million worth of luxury cars .

Vietnamese VinFast To Present Pininfarina-Designed Models At Paris Show

The new Vietnamese sedan and SUV are said to go on sale next year.

Toyota Invests $1 Billion In Grab Ride-Hailing Firm

Toyota and Hyundai are investing in Southeast Asia’s Grab.

Watch A Speeding Proton Crash Into A Porsche 911 GT3 RS In Malaysia

Speed and poor driving skills led to a very costly mistake for this Proton owner.

Ferrari Showcases Two Unique Tailor-Made Supercars In Indonesia

Ferrari revealed a unique 488 GTB and California T in Jakarta as part of the 70 Style Icons series.

Watch And Cringe As Philippines Crushes Rare BMW Z1, Renault 5 Turbo, Maserati And More

Philippine president Rodrigo Duterte oversaw the destruction of a second batch of illegally imported luxury cars.

Mysterious Renault Crossover For Russia Confirmed As ‘More Refined’ Duster

And another one might be launched in Asia with the same platform as the fifth-gen Renault Clio.

Wuling Cortez Shows That GM Still Sells Minivans (In Indonesia)

Introduced in Jakarta this week is the new Wuling Cortez, a minivan for one of the world’s biggest markets.

Guns Were Fired During This Hit And Run Shootout In Thailand

Thankfully, no civilians appear to have been injured.