McLaren Splits With Honda And Signs Three-Year Renault Deal

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The inevitable has become reality. The McLaren F1 team has agreed to end its engine partnership with Honda and signed a three-year deal with Renault.

Motorsport learned of the news from sources close to the deal. It is thought that the relationship between McLaren and Honda has simply become irreparable following almost three full seasons of lackluster powerplants supplied by the Japanese automaker.

After both Mercedes and Ferrari said they weren’t interested in providing Mclaren with engines, Renault was the only option. McLaren will partner with them until the end of the current engine regulations after the 2020 season.

It is reported that Renault will supply Mclaren with identical power units that it provides for the Renault team and Red Bull Racing. Toro Rosso will switch from Renault to Honda power from 2018 onwards.

As part of the deal, Renault will sign Toro Rosso’s Carlos Sainz as part of the decision from Red Bull’s secondary team to end its Renault engine contract early.