Mercedes-AMG E63 Brakes Sizzle Like A BBQ

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Both the Mercedes-AMG E63 and E63 S are absolute animals and capable of speeds that no luxurious sedan should even come close to achieving.

However, as one owner appears to have recently learned, the new E63 isn't invincible and like any car, is susceptible to damage after excess abuse.

The clip below was shared on Facebook and shows one of the front brake discs of the super sedan bright red and the inside of the huge AMG caliper on fire after what seems to have been a tortuous track session.

It’s impossible to tell if the car has the optional carbon ceramic brake discs but even if it doesn’t, seeing the brakes still on fire despite being doused by a fire extinguisher gives you a good idea of how hot the huge stompers got.

It’s not unusual for the brake calipers and discs of race cars to catch fire but it happens far less often on street cars and just goes to show that consistently slamming the brakes on a roughly 4,500 lbs (2,041 kg) car can take its toll on even the most advanced braking setups.