Ryan Tuerck's Ferrari 458-Powered Toyota 86 Is The Ultimate Street Car

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Not only is Ryan Tuerck’s Ferrari 458-powered Toyota 86 one of the craziest in the world but it is actually a useable street car. Kind of.

To show how the drifting monster performs the mundane tasks of everyday life, Tuerck headed out with Donut Media for a day in the GT4586 around his home town and it must be said, the race car does a valiant job.

Not only does it turn the heads of every single local, it also attracted the attention of local police. Fittingly, they too are fans of the car even giving Tuerck the go-ahead to open up the throttle and let them hear the beautiful howl of the 4.5-liter V8.

The car won’t be used in Formula D competition but if we keep getting videos like this, we won’t be upset in the slightest.