Florida Man Arrested For Going 100MPH Tells Cops “The Car Is A Ferrari And It Goes Fast”

29-year-old Gabriel Molina allegedly accelerated to 100 mph trying to evade the police.

Ferrari Monza SP1 Gets Caught Out In The Rain In Kuwait

The limited edition Monza SP1 was filmed in the Middle Eastern country driving in the rain.

Ferrari F8 Tributo Unleashed On Both Road And Track In New Video

The F8 Tributo lets rip, going sideways and revving its heart out – which, after all, is what it was made for.

Casil Motors Gives 30 Ferrari 328s A Comprehensive Makeover

Casil Motors adds independent throttle bodies to the Ferrari 328’s V8.

Hennessey’s Testing A Ferrari F12 Berlinetta With 800 HP

Watch Hennessy Performance put their tuned F12 through its paces at the track.

Watch Racer Shake Down His New Ferrari FXX K Evo At Fiorano

The Ferrari FXX K has a V12 hybrid powertrain pumping out 1036 hp and an extreme aero package.

Ferrari’s New F8 Tributo Makes Its Real World Debut In London

Ferrari took its latest V8 supercar to the streets – and boy does it look good away from Geneva’s show stand.

Ferrari’s Iconic 288 GTO Excites Jay Leno

The Ferrari 288 GTO is powered by a twin-turbocharged 2.9-liter V8 with 395 hp.

Ferrari P80/C Breaks Cover As One-Off Track-Only Supercar Based On 488 GT3

The Ferrari P80/C is a one-off track-exclusive supercar that pays tribute to past sports prototypes.

James May Horrified To See Honda Valve Caps On His Ferrari 308 GTB

James May needed to take a pipe break when putting OEM valve caps on his Ferrari 308 GTB.

Ferrari Teases Its Latest One-Off, Dubbed The ‘Prototipo’

Ferrari Special Projects will reveal the Prototipo on March 25.

The Grand Tour’s Countach And Testarossa Drag Race Will Make You Want To Relive The ’80s

May and Hammond decided to do a rolling start, as launching from a standstill would stress the powertrains too much.