Take A Step Inside The Mercedes-AMG Project One

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The Frankfurt Motor Show will play host to a number of important concept and production cars that will change and shape the future of the industry. However, it is a hypercar for the rich from Mercedes-AMG that is likely to steal all the headlines.

Dubbed the Mercedes-AMG Project One and talked about ad nauseam for the last year, the creation will be unlike any other road car before it. This is our very first glimpse at its interior.

Snapped by AMG boss Tobiers Moers, the picture reveals the hypercar will have a fully digital display behind the steering wheel and a large central infotainment screen in the dashboard. Additionally, the picture reveals the hypercar will have a Formula One-inspired steering wheel made from carbon fiber and complete with numerous buttons and switches. Shift lights can also be seen at the top of the wheel.

Elsewhere, the picture reveals that the Project One may not have a rear-view mirror, a move which would make sense considering the vehicle’s lack of a rear window.

As you probably know by now, the Project One will be powered by largely the same 1.6-liter turbocharged V6 as the Mercedes Formula One car. It’ll also feature the F1 car’s energy recovery systems and deliver around 1,000 hp.