Teen Steals Bulldozer, Crushes Police Car In Bizarre Chase

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An 18-year old from Illinois took police on a bizarre chase after allegedly stealing a bulldozer from a construction site in Kankakee.

According to ABC7 Chicago, Austin White stole the bulldozer at around 3 a.m. on August 24th and began driving it around town. An off-duty police officer spotted him shortly thereafter and called for assistance.

A number of different officers responded but White refused to stop driving. At one point, he even backed over a police car and likely totaled the Dodge Charger. Thankfully, the officer was able to escape before this happened.

Police continued to chase the bulldozer for approximately 12 blocks and officers on foot attempted on jump on the vehicle and bring White's rampage to a stop. Officers were eventually able to apprehend White by throwing him from the vehicle and then tasering him.

The report says White drove the bulldozer from more than four miles before being stopped. He is now facing at least six different felony counts including attempted murder and driving under the influence of drugs. To top it off, White doesn't even have a driver's license.

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