PSA Group Debuts New PHEV Tilting Light Vehicle Concept

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If you still think Renault's wacky Twizy is an interesting little EV, then you'll likely grow fund of PSA's latest concept.

Unveiled by the EU-LIVE (Efficient Urban Light Vehicle) consortium and funded by the European Commission, it's part of the automaker's 'Push-to-Pass' plan to deliver new mobility solutions, slotting "between the two-wheel and four-wheel segments".

It's 2.4m (7.87feet) long and 0.85m (2.79feet) wide, features scissor-like doors to maximize its efficiency in tight parking spaces, and has a heated cabin with an airbag and seatbelts, thus making rider gear unnecessary.

Despite its scooter apperance, it can be used on motorways as well, but it does require a driving license.

PSA claims that the concept is as easy to drive as a three-wheel scooter, thanks to its tilting mechanism that offers improved handling, and roll-control technology, which makes use of hydraulic components and a hydropneumatic suspension.

Power comes from a plug-in hybrid drivetrain that combines a 42hp single-cylinder petrol engine and two electric in-wheel motors, developed by Elaphe and Brembo, plus a 48-volt electric battery designed by Samsung SDI. The study has a total driving range of 300km (186miles), including 70km (44miles) in zero-emission mode. As for its top speed, it can hit 130km/h (81mph).