Renault Twizy 40 Arrives In Canada; Would You Buy One?

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Having been certified by Transport Canada, Renault's Twizy small electric two-seater is now set for release across the country.

It will be sold by the French company's local partner, AZRA Canada, which is on a "mission to help reduce greenhouse gas emissions", by developing "urban electric transport solutions" and "installing charging infrastructures".

The Canadian Renault Twizy 40 that can achieve a top speed of 40 km/h (25 mph), comes under the Canadian category of low-speed vehicles (four-wheel EVs with top speed from 32 to 40 km/h - 20 to 25 mph), and is equipped with a type-1 charging cable and side reflectors.

No other details are offered about the electric car, except that it will go on sale from summer in Canada at an as of yet undisclosed price.

One would assume that, unlike the European model that comes with optional heater, doors and windows, these should be offered standard in Canada for any brave souls who wish to use their Twizys all year round. In Germany, the base Twizy 45 Life, starts at just under €7,000 (equal to US$7,890)