Mustang Now Featured As Playable Piece In Monopoly Empire

Mr Monopoly just got himself a sweet new ride in the 2016 Ford Mustang, on the new edition of the Monopoly Empire board game.

Even though the Ford Mustang is 2015’s best-selling sports car in the US, it remains to be seen just how lucky of a token it will make once the dice start rolling, especially when compared to other iconic pieces.

This marks the first time the Mustang has become a playable piece in a board game, despite numerous appearances on the silver screen and in several songs.

The new version of the Monopoly Empire game is available now and Mustang fans can finally find out if their car is as good at taking laps around the board as it is on the track.

Aside from the car itself, Ford is also a brand that’s featured in the game itself, which means players can ad the American automaker to the list of empires they’ll be building.