“Lost” Pre-War Alfa 8C 2300 Revealed At The Royal Automobile Club

An example of one of the greatest pre-war cars, a supercharged 1932 Alfa Romeo 8C 2300, has been revealed at UK’s Royal Automobile Club.

The car whose tracks were lost for many decades was originally discovered five years ago but the official reveal made its amazing story publicly known for the first time.

Chassis and engine number 2211079 had its body made by the Figoni coachbuilding firm in France and it’s the only short chassis they’ve made. Mr Weinberg was the first owner who took his then new car to compete in the Paris-Nice rally in 1933 and 1934.

He then continued using it for several other racing events until he sold it through Luigi Chinetti, a resident of Paris at the time and later Ferrari’s first agent in North America.

The car was sold to a 21-year-old graduate who received the straight-eight Alfa Romeo as a birthday present from his father. He kept the car for more than 70 years, managing to hide it from occupying forces during the war. The car was used for some years after the war before it was garaged.

The current owner took this beautiful Alfa to specialist Blakeney Motorsport in the UK to make it safe to run as far as the engine, fuel system, dry sump oil system, brakes, steering and electrics are concerned, preserving the historic patina of this stunning machine.