2013 Toyota Auris Comes Out of the Closet Again, Stars in Video with Transgender Singer Avu-Chan


We don't know if Toyota is doing it on purpose, but the new 2013 Auris seems set to become the new automotive face of the LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender) community.

For a second time in a week and after two television spots from Japan starring Stav Strashko, a 19-year old male model with feminine characteristics who was born in the Ukraine and raised in Israel, Toyota's new Auris is featured in another clip with a transgender person.

This time, it's Avu-chan, a 19-year old trans woman of African-American and Japanese descent who is the lead singer of Ziyoou-vachi (“Queen Bee”), a gender-bending teenage glamrock band from Japan.

The video is named "DAS × AURIS BUTTOCKS DRIVE!!" and it was made for the "Daikanyama Art Street" (DAS) art and music festival held from August 20 to 26 in Daikanyama, Tokyo.

Toyota was a main sponsor of the event with the new Auris hatchback also been featured in an artwork by Maywa Denki.



Sabman999 said... »August 28, 2012

Whats with the whole transgender thing? This aint gonna make me buy this ugly piece of sh!t over a golf 7.

Yong Thian Ding said... »August 28, 2012

They're making a ads with Toyota Celsior even that car is for baddy , now that's something good ... XD ... really like how the car looks .

ezs said... »August 28, 2012

Then, don't buy one, little weenie. No one's forcing you to buy anything.

James said... »August 29, 2012

Whatever it is,its as ugly as the car is.Toyota is trying to be cutting edge here but actually they should just cut the whole thing and save their money for someone more attractive!

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