Toyota Adopts Corolla Nameplate Globally, Will Replace Auris In Europe

Toyota is dropping the Auris name and confirming the Corolla Touring Sports for Paris.

Toyota Corolla Hot Hatch Planned With Hybrid Power

Toyota’s hot Corolla could benefit from AWD, too, with the ICE powering the front axle and the electric motor motivating the rear wheels.

2019 Auris Touring Sports: New Corolla Is Getting Sleek Station Wagon Version In Europe

Expect the new Toyota Auris Touring Sport to get a longer wheelbase than before, thus more room for passengers and luggage.

JDM-spec Toyota Corolla Sport Launched In Hybrid and Turbo Guises

Toyota launches the new Corolla Sport in its home market in Japan.

New Toyota Corolla Already Tearing It Up In Formula Drift With 1,000 HP

The thousand-horsepower Corolla/Auris hatchback is already kicking @ss in Formula Drift this season.

Toyota Corolla/Auris GR Hot Hatch Could Hit The Scene Within Three Years

Word from Down Under has it that a hot version of the new Corolla hatchback might be ready around 2010.

Toyota Avensis Discontinued, Could Be Replaced By Auris Sedan

Toyota ceased production of the D-segment car at its UK plant and might not launch a direct successor.

New Toyota Auris Crosses The Pond, Becomes North America’s 2019 Corolla

The 2019 Corolla will debut in New York and go on sale in the U.S. this summer.

Toyota Brags About New Auris’ TNGA Platform, Still No Interior Shots

The striking design of the new Auris will be backed by a more rewarding drive, says Toyota.

Toyota Auris GRMN Would Make An Awesome Hot Hatch

This rendering shows what it’d look like if the Toyota Auris went after the VW GTI and Civic Type R.

2019 Toyota Auris Says No To Diesels, Debuts New 178HP Hybrid

Toyota’s all-new Auris debuts a sleeker styling and a more powerful hybrid powertrain.

New Toyota Auris: First Image Surfaces As Engine Lineup Confirmed

The all-new Toyota Auris will be offered with three different engines.