Putin Reportedly Unhappy with New Zil-4112P Limo, Marussia Tries its Luck with Concepts


We don't know if being the President of Russia is an easy job, but it's one that Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin is more than happy to do, as the former KGB officer has served President from 2000 to 2008, as Prime Minister from 1999 to 2000 and again from 2008 to 2012, while he was also re-elected President again in May of 2012. What can we say; the man loves being a head of state…

The job comes with many benefits, including the ability to choose the kind of wheels you roll around in. However, Putin wasn't satisfied with simply picking out an existing car to base a presidential limousine; no, he wanted one created from scratch from a Russian company, so he asked local automakers to present their proposals.

A less luxurious version of the same car will be used by government officials to run red lights and scare Russians replace upscale German cars, such as Mercedes and BMW.

ZiL, which used to produce luxury vehicles for leaders of the Soviet Union was the first to present its proposal for a presentational limousine with a prototype named ZIL-4112P powered by a 7.7-liter engine coupled to a six-speed automatic transmission, in September of 2012.

Citing a Kremlin source, Russia's , Izvestia reported that Putin was "unhappy" with the result, though, ZiL's acting CEO, Sergei Sokolov, denied the report, saying the president has not seen the car yet. Russian officials neither denied or confirmed the report.

The other two Russian carmakers vying for the prestigious contract are Marussia Motors and GAZ.

According to the Moscow Times, GAZ is developing a luxury model based on the Volkswagen Phaeton and Audi A8, with the car to be ready in 2014.

Marussia has just completed a competition in cooperation with our creative Russian friends over at Cardesign, who notified us about the concepts that made it to the final round, with the winner (or winners), to be announced on May 1. You can check them out for yourself in the gallery below and tell us which one you like the best.

Marussia Concept Photos via Cardesign

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Skov said... »February 23, 2013

The design by Taroslav Takovlev is great,

Mr.Brooks said... »February 23, 2013

russian crap

Mr.Brooks said... »February 23, 2013

and... fuck that rat putin people who support that lil rat

Stelios said... »February 23, 2013

You're right, Yakovlev is indeed great but Galaktionov's proposal is the most inspiring of all.

Gangsta said... »February 23, 2013

Bueller Baller.

Clarols said... »February 23, 2013

Alot of them looks like Cadillac's new designs...

Dave Cohen said... »February 23, 2013

Does that mean you don't like the cars as well.........I think Putin is scum, but the limos are great for the American populace, if way of surviving the US fetish for guns when out for a Sunday drive with the family.

apolony01 said... »February 23, 2013

Brain vodka damaged ruskies can't drive nor design cars....

Nate said... »February 23, 2013

Like the design by M Sebestyen in that the front looks pretty original compared to the other designs.

jh said... »February 23, 2013

hahaha... very nice! ;) " car will be used by government officials to run red lights and scare Russians"

BLKITALIAN1 said... »February 23, 2013

The best designs look like a third world version of the Cadillac Sixteen......

scifi-real said... »February 23, 2013

MarketAndChurch said... »February 23, 2013

Explain how American white-on-white gun violence is almost even with that of European white-won-white gun violence... It is an unanswerable riddle, but it is very difficult to paint America in that way when, if you looked on a map, virtually all gun violence is committed by those in urban areas, specifically of black or hispanic stock.

And more specifically, blacks from slave ancestry who did not come here freely, and hispanics from Mexico.

So America is a relatively safe place where those two groups don't reside. Note that the whitest Liberal cities in America such as Portland, Austin Denver, and Minneapolis share the same gun violence rates as the average European city. The same applies to heavily diverse cities such as immigrant rich New York, San Jose, Seattle, and San Diego... they have amongst the lowest gun-related violence in the country. It's not a race issue, but Blacks of slave descent and hispanics who buy into low American street culture in urban areas seem to have a thing for giving America all the bad statistics it has.

The Chinese, Indians, Ugandas, Ethiopians, Samolians, Sudanese, Guatemalans, Japanese, Croations, Argentinians, Indians, Pakistanis, Saudi's, Israelis, Iraqis, Vietnamese, and Canadian immigrants seem to have their shit together, I wonder why.

MarketAndChurch said... »February 23, 2013

It's emotional the defense you get from those who feel the need to "balance" things by irrationally justifying the moralities of Putin. The man is a crony drunk on power, which is nothing new in human history, but he's given cover by some because he's "anti-corporations," and supposedly for the people. He wants people to be subservient to the state, and I don't know too many places on earth who have successfully instated a God-King ruling an all-powerful state without committing the greatest atrocities in human history, or offending basic human rights.

Mr.Brooks said... »February 23, 2013

cadillac wannabes

Mehdi Cheddadi said... »February 23, 2013

the one by Fedulov, I like

MarketAndChurch said... »February 23, 2013

why the fuck were my comments deleted??????? They weren't racist, it doesn't take a person with half a brain to realize that.

Sam said... »February 23, 2013

The design on the title page is the best. However, it has no doors....O.o

Mr.Brooks said... »February 23, 2013

cadillac wannabes

Paul said... »February 24, 2013

Well, the 4112P just rehashes the past. I think Putin is quite right to want something that represents a new time in Russian history.

Dave Cohen said... »February 24, 2013

Doors? Why would you need doors? It's only a picture, there is nothing to get into, it only has one dimention.

Dave Cohen said... »February 24, 2013

Don't know what you said......could it have been the use of the word fuck?

Mr.Brooks said... »February 24, 2013


Nelson Auto News said... »February 24, 2013

It just a draw concept.

Kevin Dalton said... »February 25, 2013

Wild! Everything from a Caddy Sixteen to a 73 New Yorker. I like the fuselage shaped ones, they remind me of the concept cars of the early 70's.

Zsolti said... »March 26, 2013

My favorites are the ones by S Fedulov and A Takacs.

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