Priceless in Australia: Crazy Old Bastard Shot Me for Doing Burnouts! [NSFW]

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We're not going to lie and say we don't like watching or doing burnouts ourselves, but truth to be said, there's a place and a time for these things, and constantly annoying your neighbors by leaving loads of rubber outside their house, isn't something we advised you to do, because you may end up in the same situation as this young Australian named Shane Tenhaguis.

A long running dispute between the 23-year old father from Marrakai in Northern Australia and an unnamed 61-year old neighbor over the former's love for burnouts in his Ford Falcon and Holden Commodore turned violet when the latter had enough and came out with a gun and began firing shots at the young man and his cars!

Humpty Doo [no, we're not pulling your leg with the name] Police were called in and they ended up arresting the 61 year old man and charging him with a number of offenses including recklessly endangering life, discharge firearm to frighten or annoy and aggravated assault with weapon, but they also confiscated the young man's ride.

"Acting on information gathered during the investigation Humpty Doo Police attended the 23-year-old's residence and seized his vehicle for 48hrs under the anti-hooning legislation," Senior Sergeant Maurice told Channel Nine news . "He has also been given a Notice to Appear in court on 8 August for driving a motor vehicle whilst unlicensed and drive vehicle causing damage to the road."

The report from Australian reporter Hannah Dawkins is priceless, but we should caution you about the language…