Someone MUST Build This Restomod Aussie Ford Falcon XB Coupe

The modified Falcon XB that appeared in the latest Mad Max has nothing on this one.

Gender Reveal Burnout Results In Police Seizing A Ford Falcon

The driver faces a fine of up to $3,300 AUD, plus having the license plates or car confiscated for three months.

Aussie Hoon Rips A Fat Burnout In His Falcon, Police Give Chase

People often do stupid things on public roads, but we’re willing to bet this one didn’t go unpunished .

1964 Ford Falcon Goes From Boring To Mad Max With Hot Rod Mod

This second-generation Ford Falcon has been lowered and modded to look more menacing.

That’ll Buff Out: Listing Asks $40,000 For ’76 Ford Falcon XB With “Some Rust”

Why buy restored when you can get a pile of rust instead.

Someone Drove This Ford Falcon Like They Stole It – Which They Had!

The car was stolen the night before it was caught powersliding in broad daylight on dashcam.

$100k Spent Restoring This Old Falcon Was Worth Every Penny

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Ford Falcon Driver Is Neither Fast Nor Furious During Silly Burnout Stunt

Someone mistook a public road for a drag strip and lit up the rear tires of his Ford, leaving behind a cloud of smoke.

Ford Mustang GT4, Falcon Supercar, And GT Race Around Bathurst

Ford certainly knows how to make a fast race car.

Someone Turned An Aussie Ford Falcon Into A Shelby GT500 Mustang Sedan

We have to admit, the Mustang has never looked more practical, nor silly.

Aussie ‘Brah’ Get What’s Coming After Drifting Ford Falcon

Doing burnouts and drifting on Australian roads is a bad idea.

1971 Ford Falcon GTHO Becomes Most Expensive Australian Car Ever Selling For A Record AU$1.3 Million

Despite being 47 years old, it is in excellent condition and shows only 13k miles on the odo.