Annoyed By Chevy's 'Real People, Not Actors' Ads? Watch This!

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Among Chevy's fun and highly creative videos, you'll also find the ones where they show off a car to the so called "real people, not actors", which just seems to rub certain viewers the wrong way.

Chevy has done some pretty cool things lately, when it comes to their ads. They've been heavily promoting the Malibu and the Silverado, and they've even hired famous director Sam Raimi to orchestrate a sort of horror movie-like trailer, expected to reach nearly 2,300 theaters over the span of 6 months.

So what is it about the ads that feature the so called "real people, not actors" that makes them so controversial? One reason we might not believe they're genuine is because they just feel so scripted, like reality TV, more or less. One of our readers fairly pointed out that not all people are car enthusiasts and can be easily fooled into thinking a non-premium but well-equipped, latest generation mid-size sedan could be a Lexus or something else for which you'd need to pay a great deal of money.

The problem is that those of us who do love cars, feel like Chevy is cheating because if they truly believed something like their 2016 Malibu could pass for a premium vehicle, they should just camouflage the exterior and get some real automotive minds in there to see if they think the car is a Lexus or a Tesla! Fair?

With that in mind, the following video will most likely make your day if you're not a fan of Chevrolet awarding themselves brownie points - regardless of those people being actors or not. So get ready to laugh!