Jeep Concepts Hide New Wrangler Pick Up And Grand Wagoneer Design Cues

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Jeep recently showcased seven concepts at the Easter Safari Event, and some of them might hide a few details about the upcoming Wrangler Pick-Up and the high-end Grand Wagoneer.

The FCA-owned company already confirmed its plans to release the much anticipated Wrangler truck and the posh, luxurious Grand Wagoneer, in the not-so-distant future. Nevertheless, if you’re wondering how these models look like, then you should take a second look at Jeep’s latest concept, as Mark Allen – head of Jeep design – said he’s hidden a few hints of the next-gen automobiles in them in an interview with Outside Online:

“We’ve hidden some hints about what’s going on behind the scenes, right in front of you. We’re finally going to get to do a pickup truck. I can’t explain too much, but there may be things you see on the Crew Chief that you might see on that truck.”

Truth be told, the massive 40-inch tire riding Crew Chief’s boxy design is reminiscent of the current gen Wrangler, setting itself apart from the production model with minor design details, such as the slanted old-school front fascia.

“This is the fourth time we’ve used that nose [on a concept],” says Allen. “Every time we do it, people go crazy, but I think this is the last time we’re going to do it, honestly. Oddly enough though, we’ve never done a crew cab pickup [concept] before. Hint, hint”, Allen continued.

As that wasn’t obvious enough, the Wrangler pick-up may very well keep the four-door cab layout, instead of getting it where the rear seats used to be.

Unfortunately, the Renegade Comanche concept and the Shortcut don’t signal anything production worthy, since a small pick-up won’t be profitable for Jeep and Allen isn’t interested in retro design. This means that the upcoming brand-new cars won’t have anything retro about them, although the Wrangler will still be the Wrangler as Mark Allen explained: “It doesn’t need to be retro, since it’s never gone away”.