What The… Is He Really Keying A Ferrari FF?

The mere sight of something so exquisite as a sparking Ferrari getting lacerated by a key is cringe-inducing to anyone with some empathy for cars.

Anyhow, if it’s your property you can do whatever you want with it – and that’s exactly what vlogger Shmee 150 did by keying his own Ferrari FF to make a point.

What might that be? Oh, he just wanted to demonstrate his friends at Topaz Detailing’s new product, the Paint Protection Film (PPF). The FF is fitted with the aforementioned film, so despite Shmee’s best efforts with keys and a screwdriver, the film leaves the paint intact.

“As shown here, you can see how the PPF truly saves the paintwork on a car”, he commented. “And when you are talking special colors on these kind of cars, it’s not unusual to spend £10-20,000 just on the optional paintwork. Quite how much extra protection it provides actually took me by surprise doing this, I was genuinely worried this would go wrong but it didn’t at all and the car is perfect behind it all.”

In addition there’s a couple of videos showing the film being applied to Shmee’s own 675LT and the carbon fiber bits of a McLaren 650S.

By Mitchell Jones


  • Tumbi Mtika

    If I was rich enough, I’d get that.

    • TheHake

      Similar types of film is quite popular in South Africa. It’s expensive though, so most people just do it on the leading edges of cars, like the front edge of the hood. It protects the car against stone chips.

      • Tumbi Mtika

        Nice to know.