Abarth 500 Gets Alpha N Performance Goodies

If you think power is missing from Abarth’s spiced-up Fiat 500s, then Alpha-N Performance has a solution to your problem.

The little mad city car has been with us since 2008, where it was unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show, a year after the rebirth of Abarth brand. From the get to, the model came with a turbocharged variant of Fiat’s 1.4-Litre L4 petrol engine, tuned up to a respectable 133 HP. The company even offered an esseesse conversion kit, which bumped output to 160 HP

Naturally, as years passed, Fiat began introducing newer versions of Topolino’s furious great, great, great, great, grandson, including the 595, the 695 Tributo Ferrari and the 695 Bipost, which developed up to 180 HP, 190 HP, respectively. Even so, by today’s standards, it could have bit more grunt under the hood, and Alpha-N was happy to oblige.

Using its own EVOX performance kit, the tuner managed to up the power of the standard 500 to 168 HP and 238 Nm, while the 500SS & 595 Turismo Series got 196 HP and 239 Nm, with the 695 Biposto governing over them with 210 HP/296 Nm power output.

The best part of it is that the upgrades are much cheaper than Fiat’s £2,500 esseesse conversion kit option back in the day, costing a measly $787, and comes with an easy, self-installation pack.

To top it off, Alpha-N Performance offering isn’t exclusive to the hottest Abarth variants, but to normal Fiat 500s as well.