Urban Assault: San Diego Shark Attack Driver Will Face The Consequences

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Back in January, Blake Wilkey released a video of himself recklessly (as some say) driving his overpowered Beetle Buggy through the streets of San Francisco. Needless to say, the footage wen viral and the joker suffered some consequences.

Called “Urban Assault”, the video has almost 1,130,000 views right now, and it shows the desert Beetle honing around the city streets like there’s no tomorrow. But we’re not going to lie; the video is pretty entertaining, although we absolutely wouldn’t recommend anyone to perform something similar. It’s almost like watching BJ Baldwing’s Recoil series, although less staged.

Staying true to Newton’s third law – every action has a reaction (in this case, 1,130,000) – Blake will be facing a judge on account of 26 different charges, including nine conspiracy and eight reckless driving counts (as it can be seen from his warrant).

Although he seems somewhat relaxed about the whole thing, Blake appears that he knows the gravity of the situation, judging by his Instagram caption, at least:

"This was not taken lightly by the prosecutor and I hope it won’t be to heavy of a burden on me after its all said and done. Do fun, wild, crazy things my friends just don’t let them be illegal or if they are don’t post them on the Internet! If they make the news you know you’re in some shit!"

H/T to Jalopnik!