Tesla Model S To Hit The Track As New Electric Racing Series Is Announced

Forget about the Formula E; Electric GT World Series will become the world’s first production car-based EV Touring championship.

The initiative belongs to Mark Gemmell, CEO of Electric GT Holdings and he has started looking along with technical director Agustin Payá for ten teams to compete in the debut season next year, with Transport Evolved delivering the news.

There aren’t many electric models that fit the bill, in fact there is only one. Their first weapon of choice is of course the Tesla Model S P85+. Payá preferred this version over the newer P90D, because of the car’s better suitability for track racing. This and the much simpler architecture to deal with when it comes down to ‘repairability’ and maintenance.

“We are making only small changes to the production Model S P85+ such as improved braking and aerodynamics to increase high speed grip. We will strengthen suspension, braking cooling and steering as well as reducing overall weight,” Payá explains. “The rest — powertrain, battery, programming — everything is original.”

Testing has already begun on the Barcelona Catalunya F1 Circuit as well as the legendary Madrid Jarama circuit which serve as test and operation centers.

The new Electric GT Series hasn’t received yet official backing by an international motorsports governing body yet but Payá claims that “he secured the support” of both the Royal Spanish Motorsport Federation and the FIA.

Thanks to the Tesla’s nearly three times bigger battery pack than the size of the one in a Formula E single-seater, races will be much longer that the other zero-emissions motorsport we know.

Let’s all hope the project will take off as the prospect of a production car-based EV touring championship sounds really exciting.

H/T to The Drive!