BMW X6 Crash Compilation Paints Bullseye On World's First SAC

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Normally, crash compilations focus in on a specific region, location or a certain type of crash, but when you're popular enough to get your own personalized clip, you know you're being victimized and vilified at the same time.

Such has always been the case with the X6, a car you either love or hate. And as with most expensive cars, the X6 isn't above making its driver feel entitled, which is why many of the crashes in the compilation happened - driver error caused by over-zealousness.

Case in point, the very first crash. Technically speaking, another driver was to blame for that one, but it wouldn't have happened if the X6's driver wasn't speeding out of his mind.

Without giving anything away, most of the crashes are of the "painfully easy to avoid" type, and unfortunately there are quite a few brutal ones that might cause you to squirm.

Also, as far as we could tell, there were only first-generation E71 models present in this video, so maybe F16 X6 owners are being a little extra careful with their new rides.