Texan Thieves Steal $200,000 Worth Of Wheels And Tires From Chevy Dealership

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The wheels of 48 new vehicles were stolen from a Chevrolet dealership in Tyler, Texas over the weekend.

The local police department says that at approximately 1am on Sunday, the thieves cut the locks to the dealer's rear parking lot where most of the cars were stored. Over the ensuing four hours, the group of thieves made off with over $200,000 worth of wheels and tires.

Security cameras were unable to identify the thieves as they knocked out the lights of the parking lot before going on the wheel stealing rampage.

Cars targeted included multiple Chevrolet Camaros, Traverses and Silverado pickups, reports Automotive News.

The general manager at Peltier Chevrolet, David Bates said that he is contact with the dealer's insurance company to have the tires and wheels replaced. He also revealed that some of the vehicles were damaged because of how they were left sitting on concrete blocks.

Photo credit: Detective Gary King, East Texas Auto Theft Task Force