2019 Chevrolet Camaro ZL1 1LE Breaks Cover With Old Face But 10sp Auto Option

Chevrolet offers the 2019 Camaro ZL1 1LE with an optional 10-speed automatic for the first time.

Callaway Z/28 Prototype Is The “World’s Baddest Camaro” From 1993

This fourth-gen Chevrolet Camaro prototype was made by Callaway to produce 404 HP.

The Grand Race: Clarkson And May Pit Camaro Exorcist Against Mustang RTR

The trio went to an abandoned part of Detroit to compare tuned versions of America’s top muscle cars.

Hyundai Elantra Mounts Naughty Chevy Camaro And Flips

While blame lies entirely with the driver of the Camaro, we’re baffled by the Elantra driver’s slow reaction time.

And America’s Best Selling Muscle Car Of 2018 Is….

Let the drum roll begin on how America’s muscle cars performed on the sales charts.

GM Auctioning Off Four Bumblebee Camaros From The Transformers Franchise

All four cars are being sold as a set and proceeds will benefit Operation Homefront.

Confused 1980s Camaro Modded To Look Like A 2010s 5th Gen Model

The seller is willing to part with the car only because he was unable to finish the project.

Dodge Challenger Soldiers On As Retro-Styled Cars Are Still In Demand

Dodge has sold nearly 520,000 Challengers since the third-generation model came out in 2008.

Tesla Model 3 Teaches Mustang And Camaro A Thing Or Two About Drag Racing

Just like the Model S, which humbled lots of ICE-powered cars, the Model 3 is really fast in a straight line.

This “Bloody” Camaro Snapped At McDonald’s Is Bloody Disturbing

While a bit unsettling to see, there is little chance this image is anything else but some type of gag.

2019 COPO Camaro SEMA Show Car Previews 50th Anniversary Special Edition

The retro-styled 2019 COPO Camaro show car launches the 2019 COPO Camaro 50th Anniversary program.

Chevy Camaro eCOPO Envisions A 700-Horsepower Electric Drag Racer

The future of drag racing is on display on the Chevy stand at SEMA.