Ford Mustang GT350 Driver Crashes After Failed Cars & Coffee Burnout

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One Ford owner in Houston has done very little to help the Mustang stereotype after crashing while leaving a Cars and Coffee event over the weekend.

Captured on film, the driver can be seen kicking out the tail of the stunning blue Shelby GT350 for the hoards of people lining the road.

Unfortunately for the driver, he didn't have the skills to control the burnout as just after the car started to straighten out after the initial slide, the tail violently spun the other way. Despite the driver's frantic attempt to brake, the Mustang ploughed into a curb, narrowly missing dozens of spectators.

As if things couldn't get worse for the driver, the moment he steps out of the car, furious onlookers
'remind' him of just how stupid he is.

One young onlooker can be heard screaming “You shouldn't have a car that fast if you can't fu**ing drive it!”

As for the damage sustained to the Mustang, both the passenger side front and rear wheels made heavy contact with the curb and will probably have to be replaced. It's possible that some suspension components were also damaged.