This $250,000 Camaro Looks Like It Belongs To A Cartoonish Pimp

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More than five years after we were first introduced to the “DreamRyder” on eBay, this caricature of a 1984 Chevrolet Camaro has reappeared for sale, this time, on Hemming’s classifieds.

13 years in the making and claimed to have been inspired by the animal kingdom (go ahead, insert inappropriate baboon’s buttock joke here), the DreamRyder has an asking price as shocking as its appearance at - wait for it, $250,000. Because you know, it’s a rolling piece of art, as the seller points out in the ad:

“This automobile is built as Functional Art on a stock 1984 Camaro convertible and is called "DreamRyder". All the body panels fit over the Camaro body and can be removed if needed. It is a driver, and runs very well. It is very popular at shows, draws incredible attention and has won many trophies. It is really a work of art and should be in a museum,” he writes.

And if you a) think that the world needs more of these or b) you just want to kill the mold with fire to ensure no more are born, he’ll also sell you the original molds:

“I have built a complete set of molds and tooling capable of reproducing this body. I will sell the car and molds together or separately.”

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