BMW Creates Fantastic Flying Motorcycle Concept Inspired By Lego Model

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BMW Motorrad recently teamed up with the might of Lego to create an accurate model of the popular BMW R 1200 GS Adventure motorcycle.

That Lego model launched on January 1, 2017 and has the ability to transform into a ‘flying motorcycle’ free of any wheels and with a cutting-edge design. Despite being far from reality, BMW has decided to create a life-sized version of the flying motorcycle, dubbing it the Hover Ride Design Concept.

BMW’s Junior Company, an innovative training unit for BMW’s trainees, was tasked with creating the Hover Ride Design Concept and managed to use production parts from the 1200 GS Adventure to bring the Lego creation to life. Among the unique components of the innovative flying motorcycle is a propeller that sits in place of the front wheels. There’s also two prominent fins that stretch down off the motorcycle’s fender flairs.

The BMW Hover Ride Design Concept is currently on display at LEGO World in Copenhagen.