For Real? Ford Mustang Crashes Into Lamborghini Dealership's Fence

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Just another Mustang driver acting like a tool and crashing, or is there more to this video showing Ford’s pony car power-sliding in the rain before crashing into a Lamborghini dealership’s fence in Texas?

Arguably, there have been plenty of foolish accidents involving Mustangs over the years, many of which have gone viral, but have we really reached that point where we grab our cellphone cameras whenever we spot a Ford Mustang driver exiting a parking lot?

Of course not, and whoever claims the opposite is (very likely) lying.

When YouTube commentators asked the guy(s) at ‘Sinclair Photos’ why they were filming the car in the first place, they replied that, “Before we left Lambo he [Mustang driver] asked me to film him doing a drift out of the lot so that’s why I was filming”.

Given that everyone and their grandmas know by now the perils of acting stupidly with a rear-wheel drive car in wet conditions, if this is not staged for viral fame, then seriously, these people shouldn’t be allowed to touch a steering wheel with a 10-foot pole.

I mean, if someone told you he’s going to drift his RWD sports car into a motorway on a rainy day – and that’s exactly what is being claimed here, what would you do; talk him out of it or film him?