Matte Red Mercedes-AMG E63 Gets Loud In Monaco, Cop Takes Action

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Even though some cars are loud simply because that's the nature of their engines and their exhaust systems, making sure the revs stay up and the crowd is entertained by bursts of acceleration is 100% up to the driver.

In other words, you should always exercise caution and civility when out in public, which is what the driver of this matte red Mercedes-Benz E63 AMG sort of failed to do on the streets of Monaco.

Giving the crowd something to film is one thing, but to speed towards the police officer that way...well, it's no wonder the driver got pulled over..

As for the "spectacle", we'll admit that E63 is louder than canon fire, and we certainly dig the matte red with blacked out elements contrast. But maybe next time its driver might consider exercising more common sense around police officers.

H/T to Romain!