Sellers Says This $50k Mustang-Based Bentley Clone Looks “Better Than Any Real One Under $300k”

A replica kit car is rarely, if ever, as nicely-built as  the original product it’s trying to impersonate.

We will admit, though, that in terms of Bentley Continental replicas, this particular one comes really close. The attention to detail is quite solid, especially on the outside.

Inside however, while there is some resemblance of the Continental GT, you can tell this is a cheaper cabin without even sitting down behind the wheel – those door panels, among other things, give it all away.

Still, according to the Craigslist ad, this is a one-of-a-kind car that cost almost $100,000 to put together (you’d think one would buy a used Continental GT with that money), using an S195 Mustang GT chassis as a basis. It also features a Tokico suspension, 373 rear end and a Procharged 4.6-liter V8, churning around 550 horses.

Furthermore, the description states that the body kit on this Mustang is an original design, dressed up in $20,000’s worth of original Bentley GT parts – such as the headlights, taillights, brake lights, reversing lights, AC vents, Breitling clock or the shifter handle. Other mods include the 15-inch six piston Brembo front brakes (14-inch rear brakes), 8″ touchscreen DVD sat-nav and the Rockford Fosgate audio system.

The seller also points out that this kit car is cheaper to maintain and to drive than a real Bentley, and that according to him, it looks better than any Continental GT he’s ever seen that costs under $300,000.

“This car is not a Bentley,” writes the seller. “It is Much cheaper to maintain and drive daily. And looks better than almost any Bentley I’ve seen that’s less than $300,000. To compare this car to an early 2000’s Continental GT is pointless. Those cars are unreliable and cost a fortune to maintain. Literally the maintenance on one of those cars if something major breaks would cost you almost as much as this entire car. Those old ones also have outdated looking headlights and taillights and they don’t have a $40k widebody. There is no comparison and I’m not trying to make one.”

So there you have it. For a slightly negotiable $49,000 you can have this Continental GT lookalike with 8,400 miles on the clock, a Mustang 550 HP V8 and a manual transmission. Yay or Nay?


  • Finkployd


  • Adi

    Seriously? You can get the first gen Continental GT for 30 000 – 50 000 €. Why would anyone buy this Frankenstein.

  • baofe

    Things I noticed:
    -Door panels are still Mustang
    -Dat panel between hand brake and dashboard doe
    -Lexus LFA styled instrument cluster
    -It uses a Chrysler steering wheel?

    Man this is like a game of hide & seek!

    • TheBelltower

      – Handbrake lever instead of an electric parking brake
      – Cup holders
      – Shift gate is vinyl and not metal
      – Shifter logo is upside down
      – Lexus (?) gauges
      – Side window fitment
      – Wheel fitment
      – Lack of bumper seams
      – Heat/AC/Audio
      – Lack of door handles

      The only way this could possibly make any sense is if they used stolen Bentley parts. But then it’s Florida, so it doesn’t need to make sense.

  • pcurve

    pretty decent effort. At least it’s not based on mercury cougar. lmao

    • donald seymour


  • MuhammadSameh

    Looks AWESOME

    • Bash

      no its not

  • Six_Tymes

    “Better Than Any Real One Under $300k” if it was better he wouldn’t be selling it

  • Dennis James

    What a wasted effort…and for what ?

  • Blanka Li

    10 to 1 it shows up in a “player” photo on

  • Craig

    I always ignore the price when judging something like this. [I’m not going to buy it no matter what it costs] So price aside – this is a very impressive ‘kit car’. I even think the interior is nice – including the doors. THAT SAID…. I would rather have a kit-car that looked like nothing else on the road.

  • TheBelltower

    Big ol’ NAY. Looks like a Bentley seen through a funhouse mirror. Anyone that knows anything would see that there’s something wrong here. Someone so desperate to show off should just wait to buy a real one that’s been written-off from a flood.

  • kachuks

    Is it a Cuntang or a Mustinental?

  • Tumbi Mtika


  • David Peterson

    The stick holding the “bonnet” up seriously kills the vibe….

  • disqus_myu3WRV1vi

    I would rather use the money towards a 350GT.

  • Marie Vazquez

    I think it’s a very unique combination of the styles, and is beautiful, but….. why does anyone put 100000 into a kit car, and then sell for 49000??And saying it’s easier to maintain??! That’s overselling 4 sure, if anything were to happen do you order the 20000 kit to replace parts?? And no insurance company is going to cover the xtras, besides companies that specializes in cars such as these,and has anyone seen what they charge, it’s crazy. So bottom line, pretty awesome effort and great work, but I would rather purchase a restored mustang for 49000 than a kit car. And I do love Bentleys, I’m a muscle car girl ☺

  • Selling : Fake Iphone 7plus better than the original (has an jack), Fake Rolex better than an original (doesn’t go 200m underwater, just like you), Fake Macbook Pro better than the original (has usb ports) No one really ?!?!?! They are worth as much as the real ones, but for half the price! And if you send me an email, my friend the princess of Congolasia will give you half of her 20 millions fortune, just send her 1000$ first to help her get out of the country safely with her family.

  • Corey Allan

    Yuck. Give me the original mustang. Now it looks like a Hyundai with a lick n stick bumper kit.

  • Rich Money

    why don’t the front fenders match the doors

  • Marc Gruben

    Hmmm… so what this boils down to is, I can buy a salvaged title Mustang with a BS bodykit that’ll make me look like a complete douchebag, that I cannot get comprehensive insurance on, for only $49,000.00.

    Just more proof that it’s morally wrong to allow a fool to keep his money.

  • Blade t

    If you put that much time and effort into something this silly ,might as well keep it ….

  • Rick Alexander

    There’s some things that don’t sit right with this kit car. Certain parts look well thought out. Then you slap fake stick-on carbon fiber in the interior. The wheel well openings are off. I’m not sure exactly how much money was spent, but I can definitely tell you, that the lighting was a pretty penny. As for selling the car, sometimes, guys get into builds like this, and then run out of money, because they underestimated what the total cost of a build like this would be. As a result, they try to sell it, to get out of it whatever they can. If someone really wanted to do a build like this, it wouldn’t take much to correct it. Provided, you weren’t planning on selling it, and that you had deep pockets, or the knowledge to do it yourself.

  • jaffa99

    “in terms of Bentley Continental replicas, this particular one comes really close”

    No, it doesn’t. Like all kit cars it looks shyte. But who would want any fake car anyway? It’s like putting those huge exhaust pipes on an old crap car, it’s just a indication that the driver is a sad, pathetic loser.

  • Eric D

    Take a seat…

  • geolemon

    It’s extremely well done. And it legitimately looks cool. And it has upgrade parts that are legitimate, vs the Mustang base.
    It’s clearly not lipstick on a pig.

    That being said, it’s still a tarted up Mustang with a body kit.
    Even if the tarting up is legitimate and pricey.
    Even if the body kit is the most extravagant ever.
    Even if the interior mods are truly fantastic.

    Phonies and clones don’t ever sell at high prices. This one only gives me pause to ponder because it’s so exceptionally well done as a performance car first, show car second, and Bentley third, really.

    Tough call.

    • D3X

      I agree with the last statement if only it was true. Shouldn’t have badged it as a Bentley then if that was the case. The owner intended to pose as a Bentley unfortunately, and because of that it falls through.
      Should have just made the car unique, not like another car.

  • Harry_Wild

    Finally, a domestic that looks luxurious! LOL!

  • Kevin

    The B on the shift knob is backwards.