These Designs Provide A Glimpse At An Alpine SUV

The all-new Alpine A110 sports car may have only premiered online last month, but we are already aware of the company’s ambitions to follow it up with an SUV.

While the model is unlikely to arrive until the turn of the decade, word has it that Alpine could collaborate with Mercedes-Benz on the project and base the SUV around the chassis of the small GLA.

If these reports are accurate, the SUV will be small in stature like the GLA, but adopt an entirely bespoke design. While it’s impossible to say at this early stage what the vehicle will look like, artist Anna Gorbunova has created a number of impressive designs of how the model may look.

It seems inevitable that Alpine will attempt to make the model as sporty as possible so it’s quite possible that it will have just two doors. In these renderings, that allows for an incredibly low-slung roofline and slim wide windows to give the vehicle an aerodynamic and aggressive appearance.

As with official design sketches, these designs aren’t meant to be entirely to scale and are therefore dominated by huge wheels. Nevertheless, it is easy to imagine headlights and taillights similar to the A110 getting borrowed by the SUV.


  • Bash

    yep, looks like another SUV on the way, they have to make an SUV

  • Mike Gonzalez

    that looks so dope! hopefully they can pull it off

    • But you know they won’t, right?

  • John Thomson

    Can’t decide if that looks futuristically cool or super-hideous, but I’m leaning toward hideous.

  • Six Thousand Times

    Great way to ruin Alpine but I image the stupid thing will sell. I again blame the public.