Dashcam Captures Massive Crash Involving Restless Audi A3

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You know that moment when you can't help but shake your head at the person that just barely squeezed through two cars while speeding?

This is what happens when they don't make it. For whatever reason, the guy behind the wheel of that Audi A3 was in a rush and willing to zigzag his way through traffic in a really reckless manner.

Unfortunately for him, he either ran out of room (hard to tell from the dashcam angle), or mistimed his maneuver and clipped the rear of the Peugeot in front. The impact sent the A3 flying, rolling over in mid-air, knocking over a pole and catching fire.

The driver looked healthy enough so as to make a run for it immediately - which could mean the car was stolen, as someone points out in the comments section. But it's just as likely that he saw the flames out the window and wanted to exit the vehicle as quickly as possible.

Either way, it's a good thing nobody else was hurt when that A3 came flying towards those stationary vehicles.