Quick Thinking Porsche 911 Driver Avoids Carjacking At Gunpoint

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A Porsche 911 driver is lucky to be alive following an attempted carjacking at gunpoint.

The incident occurred in Johannesburg, South Africa, in broad daylight when the driver of the 911 Targa pulled into a driveway and was apparently waiting for a gate to open. As this occurs, we can see a BMW 3-Series pull past the Porsche and then quickly reverse while the other driver is waiting.

Thankfully the 911 driver was aware of his surrounding and noticed the BMW pull behind them and attempt to block their exit. Just as the rear seat passenger of the BMW exits the car and pulls his gun, the Porsche driver jumps into action and floors the car in reverse.

This causes the Porsche to hit the rear bumper of the BMW but it catches the would-be attacker off guard and gives the 911 driver enough time to escape unharmed. The Porsche likely suffered some damage but a fender bender is a lot better than the alternative.

The video in a nice reminder that drivers should always be aware of their surrounding regardless of whether you're sitting at an ATM or pulling into a garage.

Thanks to SamuraiJack for the tip!