Mercedes-AMG To Reinvent Itself With Electrified Models

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Mercedes-AMG has admitted that it will need to reinvent itself with its future range of electrified models.

Speaking to Autocar, the company’s director of vehicle development Drummond Jacoy said the high-performance division of Mercedes-Benz needs to thoroughly investigate the best way to electrify its range while still retaining some of that classic AMG DNA.

“It’s obvious we’re not going to make the world happy with V8s for the next 200 years, and AMG has shown in the past, with the electric SLS years ago, that it has capabilities in all-electric drive. That was a very impressive vehicle for its time and we’ve nurtured that technology and the learning we have from hybrid vehicles,” Jacoy said.

According to Jacoy, AMG will start researching what it can do to future all-electric Mercedes-Benz models as soon as its parent company commences work on them, saying that AMG is already considering how to best positions itself into the future.

“We’ll have to reinvent ourselves there [with electric cars], obviously, because the sound of a V8 is not going to be there if it’s a pure-electric vehicle. It’s not starting from scratch, but we’re going to have to look at what the AMG story is with an electric vehicle. But we’re working on that,” he confirmed.