Sportier BMW i3 S Scooped Testing On The Autobahn

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Alongside developing a facelifted version of the BMW i3, the German carmaker is also working on a slightly sportier variant dubbed the i3 S.

While we don’t know exactly when it’ll premiere (Frankfurt is possible), new spy shots from Bimmer Today snapped on the Autobahn show that the i3 S will feature a number of styling elements to distinguish it from the standard model.

Most significantly, the prototype pictured above sports a set of flared wheel arches which drastically alter the stance of the vehicle. Additionally, the ride height of this test car is quite a lot lower than the outgoing i3 and there’s also a set of new twin, five-spoke black wheels to really create that ‘sporty’ feeling.

Alongside its modified looks, numerous mechanical modifications will further distinguish the i3 S from other models in the range. Chief among these upgrades will be a more powerful electric motor, thought to lift power from 168 hp to 188 hp. Elsewhere, suspension changes will alter the handling characteristics of the electric hatchback, promising to add some much-needed emotion and driver involvement.